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Ruptive is the world’s first Human Experience Innovation platform. Designed to ignite the creation of dynamic personas, unmistakably hard-to-forget experiences, and a culture of innovation from the outside in—this is how you stay disruptive.

What makes Ruptive different

Outside-in DNA

You already understand your business from the inside-out. Ruptive is the first platform that lets you view your business from the outside-in—from the customer’s perspective.

This empowers you to analyze your performance by:

  • Strategies, segments, and audiences
  • Personas, journey maps, and journey stages
  • Wants/Needs, touchpoints, and ideas
  • Drivers of loyalty, satisfaction, etc.

Real-time collaboration

(online workshops)

Organizations face big challenges due to geography. It’s hard to bring teams from multiple time zones together to map experiences. Ruptive lets you create a premium workshop experience online for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face meetings.

Ruptive empowers your business to:

  • Collaborate with real-time voting and commenting
  • Capture and discuss all aspects of experience mapping (personas, wants/needs, touchpoints, emotions, pain points, opportunities, etc.)
  • Enable any kind of idea brainstorming
  • Improve workshop efficiency

Living journey maps

Journey maps are the key to customer insights. Ruptive provides live journey maps so you never have outdated personas, journey maps, or research findings.

Ruptive enables you to:

  • Update journeys in real time as feedback is received
  • Share your journeys with your coworkers
  • Store/retrieve previous versions of the journey
  • Print current maps and personas with a click

Persona and journey libraries

Only Ruptive gives you state-of-the-art, company-wide personas and journeys mapped to your business strategies, customer segments and audiences, and company capabilities.

This empowers your business to:

  • Maintain an up-to-date library of all personas and journeys
  • Connect journeys to strategies, segments, and audiences
  • Search personas by stage, pain points, touchpoints, and more
  • Identify low-performing journeys and touchpoints

Experience improvement project leaderboard

Launching and managing CX improvement projects is crucial to improving the customer experience. Ruptive has a built-in CX Project Improvement module that seamlessly takes low-performing touchpoints and upgrades them to CX improvement projects.

This empowers your business to:

  • Seamlessly run cross-enterprise experience improvement projects
  • Track progress by milestones and touchpoints
  • Have better visibility for cross-team participation
  • Find and engage the right employees for key CX improvement projects

Access to experience innovation knowledge

Your success depends on you sharing your program goals, execution progress, success, and artifacts. A lack of access to shared knowledge is a huge reason why many CX programs fail.

With Ruptive, you can:

  • Store and access all key information in one repository
  • Tag and link critical data elements across the enterprise
  • Have clear transparency for what experiences are being improved
  • Share personas, journeys, strategies, and projects with the entire company

Enterprise-wide transparency

Human capital is one of your biggest assets, and it hurts when good employees leave due to a lack of transparency and a lack of visibility into their impact on your business.

Ruptive enables you and your employees to:

  • View your business end to end through the eyes of a customer
  • Understand how each CX improvement project is connected to your strategic goals
  • Access qualitative and quantitative research to enable a deeper understanding of how leaders make decisions
  • Create transparency that empowers employees

What it means to be disruptive.

Reach Humans

At the center of amazing experiences lies human desirability. At Ruptive, we know that the desire for delightful experiences doesn’t end with the customer, but extends to your employees, clients, and partners.

Create Experiences

We are devoted to helping you drive amazing customer experiences. Connect to your customers through moments that transform, disrupt, and build deep, meaningful relationships.

Empower Innovation

Companies are constantly being challenged to create something truly groundbreaking. Together, we can incite innovation that’s based on your customer experience journey, and acknowledge your employees' ideas as your greatest asset.

Success = human desireability

The era of human desirability is here, and successful brands win fans by leading with human desirability. Products, services, technology, and touchpoints are woven together into a valuable and enjoyable lifecycle experience.

To become disruptive you need to innovate in different ways:

  • Emotional Innovation: The intersection of Human Desirability and Business Viability
  • Process Innovation: The intersection of Human Desirability and Technical Feasibility
  • Functional Innovation: The intersection of Business Viability and Technical Feasibility

Disruption = alignment

To become
disruptive, you
have to align:

People, processes,
Customers, employees,
suppliers, channels
Business, brand,
experience, and digital

Are you ready to be disruptive?

The Ruptive Assessment gives you a comprehensive view of your business to identify gaps and opportunities to make you more disruptive.

From an outside-in point of view, we enable you to prioritize human experience innovation opportunities and provide you a practical roadmap to get there.

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